Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Beach Head

The Beach Head
The "Beach Head" nearing completion on 20090816. The yellow area contains formulas and symbols which will be a living document with contributions from various sources and people. The painting itself is essentially finished.

Christina thought the stripes looked more like the Abbey Road album, and I thought, "Why not?"

This was the first draft. The stripes were originally supposed to be a runway. The idea for this painting came from a 3-dimensional art project my sister Laura had done. It was the wooden cut-out of a head in a red box. The head was covered with plexiglass so that you could look inside. The inside was stuffed full of things from daily life: pencil, paper-clip, battery, ear-phone. The head's ear was the knob of a safe. Unfortunately this work of art was lost, so I decided to re-create it in some form. Early on I decided to put the objects outside of the head...

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